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The total number of Haikus is: 16861

Total Uploaded Images

Community 20
Comprehensive 27
Conservation 35
Energy Efficiency 10
Renewable Energy 14
Resilience 31
The total number of Images is: 137

Total Votes

Community 16
Comprehensive 15
Conservation 15
Energy Efficiency 15
Renewable Energy 15
Resilience 15
The total number of votes are: 91

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Votes by Category

CategoryPicture NamePreview ImageVotes
CommunityAnswering The Call6
CommunityBlue Hand Group at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory3
CommunityFarmer's Market2
CommunityAgriculture is an Essential Part of Climate Solution2
CommunityNext Generation - Leading the Way2
CommunityBirds of a Feather1
CommunityDOE Community at the Nanoscale0
CommunityThe Journey to Infinity0
CommunityLooking Up0
CommunityMount Garfield Afternoon0
CommunityThe Journey to Infinity0
CommunityHousemates making dumplings, Lunar New Year 2021, Berkeley CA0
CommunityCranes On The Course0
CommunityFire On The Mountain0
CommunityChocolate Hoodoos0
CommunityInner Peace0
CommunityTorrey Pines Lifeguard 0
CommunityIce Sheet0
CommunityCoalfield's Easter Display0