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Total Submitted Haikus

The total number of Haikus is: 124

Total Uploaded Images

Community 17
Comprehensive 19
Conservation 34
Energy Efficiency 8
Historical Photos 15
Renewable Energy 18
Resilience 29
The total number of Images is: 140

Total Votes

Community 13
Comprehensive 11
Conservation 11
Energy Efficiency 11
Historical Photos 11
Renewable Energy 10
Resilience 10
The total number of votes are: 77

Votes by Category

CategoryPicture NamePreview ImageVotesDownload Image
CommunityBatavia, Fox River Clean Up5Download Image
CommunityWater Quality2Download Image
CommunitySeeds of Life1Download Image
CommunitySmall Town Rodeo1Download Image
CommunityWatching the Flock1Download Image
Communityplentiful1Download Image
CommunityKeeping Family Traditions Alive1Download Image
CommunityEarth's Yellow Glow1Download Image
CommunityEarth's Beautiful Ice Sculptures0Download Image
CommunityBeautiful September day on Mt. Rainier (HERO Sponsored)0Download Image
CommunityMagnet Fishing the South Platte River0Download Image
CommunityTo Protect and Serve0Download Image
CommunityA Voice for Climate Change0Download Image
CommunitySave Some for Me!0Download Image
CommunityIt Takes a Village0Download Image
CommunityLet's do this together0Download Image
CommunityIntersection0Download Image